Rest in Peace ghost girl

Rest in Peace ghost girl

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Modesto Ca. many ghosts roaming around....

I've been coming around so many ghost stories here in Modesto Ca. where I reside now, here are a few stories....

Modesto - Modesto High School - The spirit of a young man paces the balcony of the Modesto High Auditorium. Supposedly quite a few years ago, a young man had fallen from the balcony railing to the carpet-covered cement ramp below and was killed. There are also reports of knocking noises heard in the main hallway---where the floor slopes by the sewing room---that are coming from the tunnels that used to run under the school.

A Haunting on 13th Street, Modesto, CA
I once again turn to the well, I go back to an article from an October, 2007, edition of the Modesto Bee (the newspaper of Modesto, CA and the surrounding area). The newspaper, like many regional newspapers, asked it's readers to submit their own personal stories of the supernatural int he run-up to Halloween. There were some really nice stories in there, including this one from a woman named Kim Meu. I'd paraphrase, but it seems better to just give a direct quote from the article:

Kim Meu of Modesto was a young single mother working the night shift when a ghost routed her from her rented home.

“About seven years ago, I used to live at a house on 13th Street in Modesto. Every night I would have dreams, seeing a dead cat, a skeleton in the back yard and a dead baby in the basement. During the day while I was asleep, I would hear male voices telling me to get out of this house.

“And when I used to sit up using my computer, I heard noises like someone was coughing or a little boy saying, ‘Mama.’ But I never thought anything of it.

“Until one day, after a year of living in the house, at about noon or 1 p.m. — I was working night shift — and my little boy was about 2 years old. He woke up and said, ‘Mommy, I want to watch TV.’ I was fully awake. I walked him to the living room and turned on a cartoon for him.

“I stood there with him and watched cartoons, then all of a sudden I felt something like a finger scratched me across my shoulder. I turned around really slow and my heart raced to about 150 beats per minute at the time, and there was nobody (there).

“I ran to the door to grab my son, milk and the diaper bag. I was in my pajamas (and went) straight to my mom’s house. I came back home a week later with my mom and sisters and never stayed there alone anymore. I moved out a month later.”

Whether you believe it or not, this is the sort of story that can keep you up at night, twitching every time you hear an unfamiliar noise.

Story of a woman in Modesto,ca.

I live in a farming community in Central California; and I once lived
in a "haunted house." Some seem to think it would be fun living with ghosts, believe me, it's not! I was a first time buyer and was excited about owning my own home.
I had recently re-married, was happy to be a new bride. It seemed my life was finally on an up-swing--that is until the knocking started.... At first it was located on one
wall. My husband thought it might be the plumbing and began to try to find the wasn't our pipes: Soon after the knocking began going around
and around in a circle. There was no explanation.

It was then we realized something was terribly wrong. We began to feel a
little uneasy at this point and to further complicate matters, friends would never
stay long. It wasn't until later we found out they were never comfortable in
that house.

The hallway that led to our bedroom was especially spooky. We could
actually feel the walls closing in as we walked to our room...the knocking would
follow us around and I never felt "alone." Articles of clothing would mysteriously
appear in the middle of our living room floor; but the feeling of being "watched"
was the worst.

One evening my husband tried an experiment. We owned a small
hand-held recorder which was voice activated, and decided to see if we were
crazy or if there was indeed a ghostly visitor. That night before bed, he asked
anyone who would like to communicate to please do so on the recorder.

We went to bed and thought nothing of it.

The next morning we listened to our message. At first we heard
a sound of rushing, like wind, then a voice whispered, "Help me, who are you?
Help me."

We literally ran out of the house, barefoot, and sped away to share this
with our friends, whom we felt would give honest answers to what they heard.
I felt sorry for the entity in that house; and I still hope some day he finds his
way to the "other" side.

Still, it was so spooky, knowing you are not alone in your own home.

We decided to sell and get away. We divorced three years later....
did we bring bad energy away when we left?I guess I'll never know for sure.

Is it fun or exciting to live in a "haunted house"?

No, for us it was a disaster.

Now I live in an apartment, the aura here is wonderful, and I have
no doubt that I am alone--there is no entity here. And when friends come to visit, I
have a hard time getting them to leave.... But I will always wonder, after the
house was sold, did the new owners ever experience the horrors we did?

Donna Kincheloe
Modesto, Calif.


  1. Hi. My name is Michael. I'm a ghost hunter if you will amongst other things. I was curious if you knew of the location of these haunted places I would love to investigate them perhaps help the entity find it's way over on the other side. Also if you knew of any other locations in Modesto that is considered haunted or truly terrifying or any creature sightings in the area. Please feel free to reach me at my email thank you for your time Violet.

  2. I don't mean any disrespect to the family of the boy who was hit by a bus in front of Tuolumne Elementary School, but there was a time I was there, maybe a week and a half or two after his passing and I heard a boy's voice whisper something in my ear I couldn't make out, there were no students around at the time and come to find out it was the classroom nextdoor to his, I was near the wall between the two helping out the kindergarten teacher. I don't know if the school or street is haunted for sure but I just know I had an experience there. Also, when I moved to Modesto, I was on a tour of the McHenry museum and was told some of the artifacts there are haunted.....I think it was an old west section where they had a blacksmith area.....idk if that's still there or not, I visited there a couple of years ago and got an eerie feeling from a back section of the museum towards the end of the tour, the tour guide didn't really go back there but allowed us to wander....we went across the street and I rather boldly asked the guide there if the McHenry mansion was haunted, and she didn't actually say yes or no, but she hesitated and said it's a peaceful place and if they are there they're friendly....but this was before the fire that happened out front, so it's possible that might have kicked up some paranormal never know :) I've also heard the costume store on Carpenter ...forget the name, Dreams and Nightmares or something is haunted in the back.....I tried to peek in there but felt uncomfortable from the people there so didn't stay long. They've had ghost hunters there before though, saw a video on it once so it's possible they'd allow more to go.....they have a coffin in the back from Argentina I think I recall from the video and it's supposedly haunted. I could tell all kinds of stories about the house I grew up in that is haunted but it's in Livermore and not open to the public.

  3. I used to live in the Robertson road projects in west side modesto . when we first move into the apartment the first months or me and my mom heard footsteps coming from the hallway going into the living room . The first months were very active dishes would fall in the middle of the night or be heard moving around. My older brother and my dad both claim to feel someone sit on their bed as well as my uncle when he came to visit. My dad claims to have seen a nurse in his room . All of my family have felt very uncomfortable staying in that apartment.

  4. My mom babysited a little girl everyday her mom would come and stay a couple hours here until her husband was home. So I ask my mom why those she stay and wait? My mom said that is because she is scare to be there alone with her daughter because her daughter at night plays with a ghost name panda. I know what you are thinking it just her imagination but it wasnt . my mom told me that one night her daughter came crying in the room telling her panda won't let her sleep, and every night the little girl would wake up crying at night until her parents move her bed into their room. A few weeks pass and the middle of night they heard a big bang coming from inside there walls the little girl said that's panda he want to play ... That what I know that has happened the little girls mom told me she believes it has to do with an old doll she found under the wooden floor in their room closet I have ask the little girl about panda she said he tells her whenever she want to play with him that she is a little girl too young for him to play with and that he was a firefighter who fell from a ladder ....